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Michael Hlinka

Michael Hlinka has some different views on the economy  - and Canada’s economy in particular, which  can be heard weekly on CBC’s “Metro Morning".  He’s better live, though, and as of March 2015, Michael has a new talk out, based on his just released new book, called "Stalled: Jump Starting The Canadian Economy". It's about why the Canadian economy is just stuck in a low growth gear, and how we can get it going again. In it he presents breakthrough ideas you’ve probably never heard before.  

Outspoken and unafraid to tell it like he sees it, Michael Hlinka is a keynote speaker that you just don’t want to miss.  

Mike's presentations are engaging, always witty and sure to entertain audiences of all kinds.  Whether you are looking for a talk on basic financial planning ( including things your investment advisor doesn’t want you to know ) or what most businesses can learn from pro sports, Michael Hlinka delivers the goods.  Michael researches your industry and then customizes his talks for your group. 


For the full video, follow this link; it can take a minute to load: 

Michael Hlinka 04-02-2015 4:45PM

Radio Podcasts: http://www.cbc.ca/metromorning/columnists/business/

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