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Mary Donohue Speaker

Dr. Mary E. Donohue

Dr. Mary Donohue, AKA "Dr. Mary," is North America’s most preeminent keynote speaker on today’s multi-generational workplace. Her ground breaking research on generational learning and communication unlocks the secrets to raising productivity, employee engagement and, yes, even happiness, at work.  

In her presentation, Dr. Mary explains how most organizations were built by and for Boomers and, what the ramifications of that are. She shows why Gen X and Gen Y don’t get along at work, and what's coming with Gen Z! But most of all, her talk will leave your audience with actionable takeaways on how to effectively communicate in our digital, multi-generational work place. 

The best part is that Dr. Mary is able to do this with wit, humor, and the professionalism only a leading social scientist on this topic can provide.  

Dr. Mary's latest work has been garnering tons of discussion - it's about the amazing Generation X, and how they will save the day! 

Tags: Leadership, Business