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candice malcolm

Candice Malcolm

Candice Malcolm is the author of the Amazon (economic) bestseller, “Generation Screwed”.   In this book, and in her keynote presentation of the same title, she explains with clear, vibrant candour just what the millennial generation can expect in the future, a 3D future no less: Debt, bad Demographics, and Dependency.  She has just released (Spring 2016) "Losing True North", her latest book on Canadian Immigration Policy, and is also now a columnist for the Toronto Sun. 

Federal Debt is in excess of 600 billion; Provincial cumulative debt is also in excess of 600 billion. That’s 1.2 trillion dollars; which means in Canada, it’s $34,000.00 for every man, woman and child. And this does not include unfunded liabilities!

For an entertaining but chilling talk on what must be done to curtail certain fiscal disaster by 2050, then Candice Malcolm is not to be missed.



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